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If you are not using the correct products for your service we can not guarantee your result * This is always a feature of our work that is looked upon as "selling" we as stylists "recommend" products for a few reasons:a) SOME products REACT with our products .... substandard...
Have you ever wondered why your salon / hairdresser charges the prices they do ??Occasionally I hear :“I’m sorry I am no longer able to come to you. You are truly the best but I can’t justify your prices....” (note that she says JUSTIFY, not “afford.”)I literally take that...
Ever get a Blowdry and wish those loose, soft curls would last ... forever? You're not alone. Now some women are turning to perms — yes, perms — to get beachy waves that rival Gisele Bündchen’s, and some salon owners report that more clients are requesting the service. "I actually heard of...

Formal Prep

Winter is gone and spring is here. And so is fooooorrrmmmaalll season! The time to shine for our little daughters, sisters, nieces, and cousins blossoming from young girls into young women. We all know that formal is about THE DRESS, but what’s the dress without your hair, face, and...

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