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This young girl doesn’t deserve this my daughter wanted to take her home with us ...... in my 3 years working with #hairaid I actually have not cried .... here in my own backyard I did tonightI don't usually post this in your face but this...
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WbYC_O_ZiUoSo....... I’m back from my 4th Hair Aid project and have had time to reflect hard to keep from waffling but ....Bare with me while I give it a crack!7 locations ...... 13 hairdressers 12 volunteers.....The Hair Aid team usually stay together as one unit at our beloved broadway...
I will be sharing this journey with you from the 23rd June to 1st July 2018 but firstly a little about Hair Aid:Hair Aid Inc. is an Australian not for profit organisation that sends teams of hairdressers to poverty stricken areas to work directly with people in need, to...

Hair Aid

Hair Aid Inc. is an Australian not for profit organization that sends teams of hairdressers to poverty-stricken areas to work directly with people in need, to teach them hair cutting skills. We work with the poorest of the families so they can learn the skills required to increase their livelihood,...
When Hair Can Make A Difference Local salon becomes a Waste-Free Zone™... and haircuts start helping the planet Location, 3/October 2017 – Brisbane-based salon, {Insert salon name}, recently signed up to become a 100% waste-free zone. Now a simple haircut or colour could be helping the planet and people...


JOIN US FOR WHITE BALLOON DAY 2017 Bravehearts’ White Balloon Day is an annual day that raises awareness about protecting kids from child sexual assault.For 21 years, White Balloon Day has helped educate the community about preventing this crime, whilst also helping to raise funds for Bravehearts’ essential counseling and education programs.YOU can help...
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