Manila 2018 June


So……. I’m back from my 4th Hair Aid project and have had time to reflect hard to keep from waffling but ….

Bare with me while I give it a crack!

7 locations …… 13 hairdressers 12 volunteers…..

The Hair Aid team usually stay together as one unit at our beloved broadway court , a 1.5 star melrose place , and a tad smelly but you don’t notice it….

Baranguay Oberon, Talipapa , Apolonio ,Sandandaan, Culliat, Balon Bato, and NIA road/ Pinyahan….

We were graced with the Matthew Flinders College students for support and they were an invaluable asset to us. They helped with children playing while their parents learnt how to cut and handing out resources that had been donated.

The aim of Hair Aid projects is to work with local Community leaders  and charities who identify communities that would benefit from learning a skill enabling the people to earn an income to feed and provide for their families.

In just 5 days, long as they are, participants are taught basic haircutting skills on long to short hair. Their community leaders are left with resources that can be loaned out and returned each time any one of the graduates want to “set up shop” for the day.

In the resource kits there are; scissors, combs, clips, capes, waterspray and clippers. Ideally we seek to have these resources donated by individuals and companies, otherwise they are purchased out the money each volunteer pays for the project.

Knowing what it takes to learn our craft and given that my apprenticeship was 4 long years, my 4th project I went in with a little Tagalog, there are 42 dialects of Philippino I think…. I was graced with Balon Bato as my community….I am always still astounded at the precision and amazing results we get after 5 long days of training ….

Each day, participants turned up hungry to learn and eager to get going. Each day we watched them grow, their focus and determination was heartwarming.

By day 3 something really gells and, our students start to realise that they can earn more money and start their own micro businesses with these skills. In my group we had some that could do rebonding/ smoothing treatments but couldn’t cut.  I really felt emotional as I witnessed this  transformation because I realized that even in this short time there had been an immersion of understanding, knowledge and skill. They were truly getting “it” and helping each other. It just left me warm and fuzzy. On the Thursday they had bought us over 35 models to finish the needed cuts to graduate….

Some of our participants did have some other means of income, however meager, they now have an added skill which they can practice and perfect to add to providing food for their families.

Was it worth it? YOU BET IT WAS!

I look forward to My next Hair Aid project….

To the Hair Aid family, thanks for being an awesome bunch of people with the common goal of sharing the love and giving people a hand up, to Beth,MJ,Lillibeth, thank you for trusting us and letting us into your hearts and lives, we love you and wish you so much success………. See you tomorrow friends

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I have been hairdressing since 1984. I trained under Shirley Arthur / Bow in Sydney NSW. I also have successfully managed a large number of salons and owned and operated my own for the last 16 years. I am a qualified TAE and for the last 2 years have been sharing my expertise with salons and stylists all over the country to help hone their skills and keep their skills fresh with new ideas and technologies that can help you as a stylist or business owner. For Our Clients I only source the best products for the best results for your individual needs, ensuring your hair is kept in the best possible condition for you, your lifestyle and your needs.... I keep my own skills up to date also by attending workshops and classes. I have completed Shannon Keels hand painting class in New Jersey and train others in Balayage, Handpainting, Braiding, Upstyling, Cutting and Communication. I also travel with Hair Aid to Manila and Bali to teach those who are less fortunate than us to give them a skill so they can go into their communities to earn money to feed their children, my workshops profits go toward hair aid


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