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This young girl doesn’t deserve this my daughter wanted to take her home with us …… in my 3 years working with #hairaid I actually have not cried …. here in my own backyard I did tonight

I don’t usually post this in your face but this is just to raw not to share… This beautiful girl 17 year old came to us shaking and thankfully we had a few donations on hand and Jacki (HWR Admin Girl) rushed off to get her dinner… You may have guessed but this her bedroom tonight she is alone & cold.. Its heartbreaking!! Australia soon you have to attend to your greatest unattended emergency…


Is our Australian way of helping those in need , homeless, those affected by domestic violence, indigenous and those in need ….We have locations all over the country , Perth South Australia , Victoria,NSW and of course here in Queensland… we donate 2-3 hours every 6 weeks to cut hair to help them have a little more confidence and feel better to endure their lives and if giving them a haircut means they have that little bit of money for food but in all my projects with hair aid I am always touched by the strength in the people we help , never tho has it effected me like Saturday evening after we finished….

This young girl missed the food … Rozi gave her a blanket Jacki and Joel got her food ,my children and I gave her company and after hearing her story , our government has to listen to some of the masses. In such an affluent country there is no excuse for what this child has been through …. we need to stand up and be accountable to our communities….

2 hours out of EVERY Australians life would benefit the country greatly unfortunately it’s a small amount of people that do help and unless we ALL  band together this cycle can’t be beaten …

Come on Aussies….. COMEON

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I have been hairdressing since 1984. I trained under Shirley Arthur / Bow in Sydney NSW. I also have successfully managed a large number of salons and owned and operated my own for the last 16 years. I am a qualified TAE and for the last 2 years have been sharing my expertise with salons and stylists all over the country to help hone their skills and keep their skills fresh with new ideas and technologies that can help you as a stylist or business owner. For Our Clients I only source the best products for the best results for your individual needs, ensuring your hair is kept in the best possible condition for you, your lifestyle and your needs.... I keep my own skills up to date also by attending workshops and classes. I have completed Shannon Keels hand painting class in New Jersey and train others in Balayage, Handpainting, Braiding, Upstyling, Cutting and Communication. I also travel with Hair Aid to Manila and Bali to teach those who are less fortunate than us to give them a skill so they can go into their communities to earn money to feed their children, my workshops profits go toward hair aid


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