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Have you ever wondered why your salon / hairdresser charges the prices they do ??

Occasionally I hear :“I’m sorry I am no longer able to come to you. You are truly the best but I can’t justify your prices….” (note that she says JUSTIFY, not “afford.”)

I literally take that as a huge insult. Let me break this down in a nice way that you can all save or share to remind yourselves of what we- what YOU- are worth!!

1) my education wasn’t free. And there are no student loans for this stuff.
2) I also have a four year degree, if that matters at all, in an unrelated field, but still. I have dual educations.

3) I have four kids to provide for solo.
4) to ensure the best quality products and services are given to you my dear client, I spend $300-800+ each month on supplies alone.
5) remember those kids we discussed? They aren’t going to feed or school themselves
6) I have to pay this thing called taxes. I know right? It’s almost like hair dressing is a REAL job.
7) retirement. I can’t just add an additional charge on your bill for my retirement. Maybe I should start doing that… nah but seriously…
8 )then there’s insurance costs…this is for not just liability but my staff too…
9) there are these things called “bills.” It’s crazy. They come in the mail with numbers on them and say “must pay by_____” and then they make you pay for stuff! Like your car, your house, your credit card, your water, your lights, and even your air conditioning and heat?!! Insane stuff folks.
10) food. Sometimes, I know you don’t notice bc I’m scrambling around like a mad woman but occasionally I do eat. It’s not even free food. I have to buy it all by myself.
11) I never charge a client for any “editing.” You know, the ones that call and ask for a few more foils, a quick toner, etc etc. it’s my way of saying thank you for your business bc I’m a decent human being (unless you take my wine that is.)
12) Continuing Education. <——also not free.
13) I know your type. You’re the type to tell me my prices are too high (average ticket $145 for cut color foils etc etc etc) in hopes I’ll beg you to stay and lower my prices *just for you.* Nope. Not happening. I charge what I am worth
16) oh and experience. I didn’t just wake up one day and know how to fix the home box colour that you do in between salon visits . I had to work and gain experience to get to where I am now. But to you I just “cut hair. How hard could it be?!”
17) oh and one more thing- what, do you think I just cut your hair with some scissors I found in my kitchen? Flat iron you with my clothing iron? My tools cost $$$ and they are not cheap. One pair of my scissors cost $1650  that’s ONE pair ….

So whether your hairdresser be me or working in a Shop front Salon or a Home Salon this is why our costs are what they are… If you pay $50 for a full head of foils then think about the quality and all that I have discussed here….

Happy Hair Day


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I have been hairdressing since 1984. I trained under Shirley Arthur / Bow in Sydney NSW. I also have successfully managed a large number of salons and owned and operated my own for the last 16 years. I am a qualified TAE and for the last 2 years have been sharing my expertise with salons and stylists all over the country to help hone their skills and keep their skills fresh with new ideas and technologies that can help you as a stylist or business owner. For Our Clients I only source the best products for the best results for your individual needs, ensuring your hair is kept in the best possible condition for you, your lifestyle and your needs.... I keep my own skills up to date also by attending workshops and classes. I have completed Shannon Keels hand painting class in New Jersey and train others in Balayage, Handpainting, Braiding, Upstyling, Cutting and Communication. I also travel with Hair Aid to Manila and Bali to teach those who are less fortunate than us to give them a skill so they can go into their communities to earn money to feed their children, my workshops profits go toward hair aid


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