Ever get a Blowdry and wish those loose, soft curls would last … forever?

You’re not alone. Now some women are turning to perms — yes, perms — to get beachy waves that rival Gisele Bündchen’s, and some salon owners report that more clients are requesting the service.

“I actually heard of young stylists come to me this week and say they wanted to add perms to the service menu because their salons don’t do them ….,”
The company, which has locations in New York, California and Colorado, now offers the service in their Brooklyn salon.

Reports from overseas say the recent interest reflects a desire for voluminous, textured hair — not the tight, overprocessed curls many people think of when they recall perms from the ’80s and ’90s.

“Texture is the word of the era,” she said. “Everyone wants texture, movement, body, and not all of us were born that way. The modern wave that we’re coveting is more about the movement in the hair and less about tight curls.”

Today’s perm solutions are gentler and use less ammonia, which damages and dries the hair, or even none at all. (To achieve waves instead of curls, stylists simply use larger rods.) ,  perming the hair is inherently unhealthy. But it’s how you treat the hair before and after that matters most.
“Any time you use a chemical on hair, you’re going to compromise the hair, But it’s what happens around that, the conditioning and proper cleansing and the TLC, that’s going to minimize adverse effects so that at the end of (the treatment), when a woman touches her hair, it doesn’t feel like she just had a chemical process. It feels soft. It feels like real hair.”

Karen at Hair By Oz has never stopped perming but does express ” YOU as the client still need to work with your hair and look after it how we recommend for optimum results to help create your desired look… SOFTER curls DO NOT LAST 6  MONTHS…. they assist your style and create texture..”
“I perm hair almost every day,” she said. “I get all kinds of requests, from the ever-popular beachy waves all the way up to Afros and super curly hair — rock ’n’ roll perms, I LOVE them.”

Given their bad rap, perms are undergoing a bit of rebranding by some salons.In Our salon at Hair By Oz we use No Rinse Perm solutions from Vita 5 to create that what Karen likes to call the “shuffled wave” , and we also have “body wave” or “modern wave” on our menus.

“It’s the modern beach wave look we’ve seen in Hollywood and fashion for three or four years, done mostly manually with a wide-barrel curling iron or certain brush and blow-dry techniques, And as it’s gained popularity, women have identified it as a look they’d like to wear more than once.”
Yet not everyone believes the perm trend will take off, at Hair By Oz  we LOVE Perms

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