When Hair Can Make A Difference Local salon becomes a Waste-Free Zone™… and haircuts start helping the planet Location, 3/October 2017 – Brisbane-based salon, {Insert salon name}, recently signed up to become a 100% waste-free zone. Now a simple haircut or colour could be helping the planet and people in need. Every year, the salon industry pours tonnes of waste down the drain or sends it to landfill, where it takes centuries to fully degrade. Only one percent of Australian salons are currently repurposing their waste. Karen Scherer from Hair By Oz thought enough was enough.

She decided to join forces with Australian start-up, Waste Free Systems, to collect and repurpose ALL of its waste. Waste Free Systems go a step further than standard recycling because the repurposed waste goes towards local and international projects that help people in need. For instance, it helps not-for-profits like Hair Aid train people in hairdressing skills to gain employment, and local community market gardens can use hair as fertilizer, due to its high nitrogen content. The waste is first deposited in-salon, using a series of cool art bins designed by Australian artist, Kendall Perkins.

From there, it is collected regularly and, wherever possible, repurposed using the latest technology.

This applies to all of the salon waste, from metals, plastics, paper, and chemicals to hair and organic waste. As a waste-free zone, the salon is making a commitment to change; and customers have immediately climbed on board with the initiative. {Insert salon owner’s name} said: “I always knew we were wasting a lot of valuable resources, but I just didn’t have the time to put into finding a solution. When Bernie knocked on my door, he already HAD the solution and all we needed was to take delivery of the bins and get a little basic training.

It was easy – and our customers have been saying how glad they are to help.” Waste Free Systems founder Bernie Craven is an ex-salon owner himself, so is familiar with the need for turnkey systems for busy salon owners committed to helping the planet; and rather than adding to the overheads, the solution is designed to help businesses grow by attracting new clients who care about the initiative.

You can find out more about Hair By Oz and the ‘repurposing revolution’.

A CLONTARF hair salon is now a waste-free zone — with all rubbish and used items being repurposed, including customers’ snipped locks. Hair By Oz owner Karen Scherer said she had been concerned about the high volume of waste produced, not just by her salon but the whole industry, for a number of years. “When you hear that 1200 tonnes of foil go into landfills each year in Australia, the scale of the problem comes into focus,” Ms. Scherer said.
So when she was approached by Bernie Craven, the founder of Waste Free Systems, she was more than happy to try the approach in her salon. The aim is to collect 100 percent of salon waste and repurpose at least 95 percent of it, including shampoo bottles, foil, and hair. Repurposed items are then passed on to international projects, such as Hair Aid, to help communities in need.

Scraps of hair are used to fertilize community market gardens. “I realized that unless I was actively engaged in reducing waste, I was contributing to the problems on the planet,” Ms. Scherer said. HOW IT’S DONE

■ There are bins for hair, plastic, metal, and chemicals
■ All bins are designed by Australian artist Kendall Perkins
■ Customers are able to place items in the bins as well
■ More information at Waste Free Systems on Facebook

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