Marbel Colour Inspired By Ash Fortis


Hair marbling is the new hair colouring technique that creates beautiful tie-dye shades, but it’s the way the formula is created that’s so mesmerizing.

Inspired for me by Allure Stylist  Ash Fortis has made hair marbling her signature style after wanting to bring the popular nail art trend to hair. What makes marbled hair so special is that the results are unique every single time.

To create the Colour formula, I start with putting a layer of shaving cream onto foam mesh strips. Using Pulp Riot colour ,  Or Adore Direct Colour I spread different bright colours on top of the cream and uses the back of our colour brush to create marbled, swirled designs on the strip. When the design is ready, we separate the hair and presses a small section of the hair onto the strip with the dye and places a clear strip on top.  We do this for multiple sections of hair. The result is a beautiful, multi-coloured design.

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