There are two important areas to consider when a colour correction becomes necessary or is requested. The first is how to handle the situation with the client and the second is how actually to achieve the desired target colour.

The Client
There are a few possibilities here
1.  A client may have returned a few days, a week or even longer since their last colour treatment requesting that the colour is changed, or they may have come directly to you after a disastrous treatment at another salon!
2. The client may have been completely satisfied with their previous colour but just want a change, or they may have been dissatisfied with their previous colour…..
3. A client may have used their own box colour and not picked the right colour and wants it fixed…

In some instances, it is possible to predict that a corrective colour will be necessary, for example when lightening the hair. In this case, a neutralizing or enhancing tone can be added to the initial colour mix but this is for us as stylists to assess and correct….

Before proceeding with corrective colour, it is important to analyze the hair correctly….
If the client has had their hair coloured at your salon before, then the previous results will be on their record card. Use this as the basis of a new consultation.

  • Clearly identify why the client wishes to have their hair colour changed. This may be self-evident or require some tactful detective work
  • Discuss the client’s new colour requirements
  • Perform a new colour analysis and record the results on a new record card
  • Remember to ask the client what colour process they have had if this is not on their existing card
  • Discuss with the client any issues that have arisen from the colour analysis, for example, their chosen target shade may not be achievable. If this is the case then try to offer an acceptable alternative, explaining why the original colour was not possible, for example, the hair may not be strong enough in its present condition to apply bleach
  • Finalise the new colour treatment, explaining the colouring procedure as well as any time or cost implications and after-care treatment

The Correction

There are three corrective procedures that can be applied to hair:

  1. Changing the tone
  2. Lightening the hair
  3. Darkening the hair

Once the hair has been analyzed you will need to decide which of these procedures to use; it may be that all three are necessary. For example:

Problem: Hair is too light
Solution: Restore colour

Problem: Hair is too dark
Solution: Remove colour

Problem: Wrong tone
Solution: Neutralise or cleanse the colour

Whenever corrective measures are taken clients will appreciate a positive problem-solving approach. Focus on the end result and use the opportunity to strengthen the relationship with your client and follow up by offering after-care treatments.

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