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Your Hairdresser

Have you ever wondered why your salon / hairdresser charges the prices they do ?? Occasionally I hear :“I’m sorry I am no longer able...

Damage Reversal Shampoo and Conditioner

Damage Reversal Cleanser 300ml “A creamy cleanser with Natural Orchid Extract for condition and shine.” Silky Soul Damage Reversal Cleanser will cleanse hair whilst transforming the soul...

All Blondes Shampoo and Conditioner

Blondes & All Shampoo 300ml “Smart Care For Hair” Silky Soul Blondes & All Shampoo is ideal for toning yellow, gold & brassy reflects with it’s blue/violet...

Colour Correction

There are two important areas to consider when a colour correction becomes necessary or is requested. The first is how to handle the situation...

Hairdressers and your Community

Think about WHY we look after our hair ..... Dignity ... Feel Good... Confidence... Social standards there are many reasons why you go and...

Hair Aid Indonesia

Go to our YouTube Channel and subscribe to go into the draw for a complimentary haircut One winner Per Month


BB Foam Hair Perfector 180ml Achieve perfect hair in 1 step with ‘Me & My” MOJO BB Foam, it’s a revolutionary foam with both care and styling...


JOIN US FOR WHITE BALLOON DAY 2017 Bravehearts’ White Balloon Day is an annual day that raises awareness about protecting kids from child sexual assault. For 21 years, White Balloon...

Perm Bloom…thoughts?

Ever get a Blowdry and wish those loose, soft curls would last ... forever? You're not alone. Now some women are turning to perms —...

Hair Aid Community Cuts

This young girl doesn’t deserve this my daughter wanted to take her home with us ...... in my 3 years working...

I have been hairdressing since 1984.
I trained under Shirley Arthur / Bow in Sydney NSW.
I also have successfully managed a large number of salons and owned and operated my own for the last 16 years. I am a qualified TAE and for the last 2 years have been sharing my expertise with salons and stylists all over the country to help hone their skills and keep their skills fresh with new ideas and technologies that can help you as a stylist or business owner.
For Our Clients I only source the best products for the best results for your individual needs, ensuring your hair is kept in the best possible condition for you, your lifestyle and your needs….
I keep my own skills up to date also by attending workshops and classes. I have completed Shannon Keels hand painting class in New Jersey and train others in Balayage, Handpainting, Braiding, Upstyling, Cutting and Communication.
I also travel with Hair Aid to Manila and Bali to teach those who are less fortunate than us to give them a skill so they can go into their communities to earn money to feed their children, my workshops profits go toward hair aid


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Go to my YouTube channel

For hair care tips, professional advice and my past and present hair projects.

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